Kyle Puccia Blogs About Diana Gone Wrong

28 May

Check out this cool blog by Kyle Puccia and while your at it head over to his myspace. He also has amazing vocals just like our Diana.

I just got back from a fantastic show down the street from my pad at a dive bar called Skinny’s in NoHo.  The band I went to see is called Diana Gone Wrong & Diana, the lead singer of the band, is my singing client, songwriting partner and the dearest of friends.  Diana has a rich, powerful voice which far exceeds the needs of her band, a loud & energetic punk-pop tour de force.  In fact, her voice can barely be heard over the raucous band which, as her singing teacher, always makes me a little angry.  I get this aching urge to push the sound guy off his haughty perch to pull the band volume down and feature Diana’s fantastic vocals and insightful lyrics!  -But honestly, no one else really seems to care if the sound is shitty or the lyrics don’t come through.  -Because what DOES come through with an effortless vengeance is Diana’s brilliant songwriting & a stage presence that an entertainment lawyer who was scouting the band tonight aptly referred to as “star power”.

She speaks to the heart of her generation like nobody else in pop music at present.  Her song “In The Life of Me” is an anthem to every young girl who feels different, out of place, unloved & undervalued.  A song that I helped Diana write premiered tonight called “I’m Not Moving” & it has become my new favorite.  Of course, I’m totally biased!  Her bass player and drummer are super talented & uber bad ass, but the new addition of a second guitarist tonight gave the group more body and presence.  You SHOULD check out her music on ITUNES and/or her MYSPACE PAGE for a more personal look at DGW!  I will keep you posted with info on future shows. – Kyle Puccia Blog

Diana Gone Wrong, is doing an east cost tour!  The band is currently stocking upon merch and practicing a LOT. One of the best things about touring is that it really tightens up a band.  When they return they will showcase for the Majors.  Diana, lead singer and creator of the band, deserves GREAT success.  She’s also an artist through and through. – Kyle Puccia


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